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Product Name

PDM60 Power Distribution Module

PRICE: Brand / Manufacturer Rowe Electronics Product Code: PDM-60

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Wiring up multiple electronic accessories to your motorcycle just got simple!
The PDM60 from Rowe Electronics is essentially a self monitoring digital fuse/breaker – fully compatible with CAN-BUS electrics on modern BMWs! With 60 Amps of power handling capability, you can really load it up. Connect up to six wired accessories - all your auxiliary lights, audio devices, GPS, radar detector… you name it - each on its own circuit!

• Dimensions: 2”H x 3”W x 0.9”D (smaller than the Fuze)
• No terminals or connectors required. All connections are by easy direct splice. No more "rat's nest" of wires.
• LEDs indicate the condition of each circuit. If it’s green, you’re good. If it’s yellow, it’s an inactive or unused circuit. If it’s RED, you’ve had a fault on the circuit, and power has been interrupted. The PDM60 unit is unfused; so if there is a short or interruption in any of the circuits you just shut the bike off and power back up again and it automatically resets all circuits.
• ONE YEAR of in-service usage FULL WARRANTY. These units have been designed and manufactured to provide long term, rock solid service in all riding conditions. You can get it wet, muddy, icy, covered in dust and sand…… and it will still perform effectively. Guaranteed!

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