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Ohlins Shock K1200LT 2004-2008 Rear

PRICE: Brand / Manufacturer Öhlins Product Code: BM539

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Please NOTE: Öhlins shocks are not a one-size-fits-all products. Every shock is CUSTOM BUILT for YOU. After you place your order here, we will soon contact you to get information required to make sure your shock is assembled specifically to match your size, weight, and riding style. Then, please allow a few extra days for the shock to be built and shipped to you. It’s worth the wait!

Bob’s BMW is proud to be one of a select number of Öhlins Factory Authorized Sales & Service Centers. If you have any questions related to custom set-up, adjustment or lifetime maintenance of this or any Öhlins product, please call Bob’s!

There is no single upgrade you can make to your motorcycle that so directly enhances the performance, safety, and overall quality of your riding experience more than Öhlins shocks. For over 30 years, Öhlins of Sweden has stood at the absolute pinnacle of advanced design and manufacture for motorsports suspension.

Ask the MotoGP racer standing atop the winner’s podium. Ask the touring rider who has just crossed the country for the fourth time two-up. Ask the adventure rider who has just explored the remotest corners of the globe. Or ask the rider who simply wants his bike to provide a safe and comfortable commute each day. They’ll each tell you that the success of their rides depends on Öhlins. Let Öhlins help move you too!

Need to know more? Download this quick, easy and informative 16 page PDF.

DOWNLOAD Öhlins Owners Manual. (16 page PDF, quick, easy, informative!)

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