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Product Name

EBC Brake Pads FA18

Product Details


EBC pads are made of organic materials mixed with incredibly strong Dupont KEVLAR fibers. They’re SOFTER than stock pads, which means they’re less likely to cause excessive wear to your rotors. They provide exceptional heat dissipation, long wear, and best of all, great performance!

A set of brake pads contains both pads to service ONE caliper. Order two sets if you are servicing brakes on BOTH front calipers (typical).

EBC #FA18 is for FRONT disc brakes on these models:
• K75C through 08/88
• K75S through 09/88
• All K100 models through 09/88
• R80RT 82-84
• R80/R80RT (double rotor) 85-08/88
• R80GS 81-87
• R80ST
• R100/7T 09/80-84
• R100S 09/80->
• R100RS & RT 09/80-08/88

And for REAR disc brakes on these models:
• All K75 models (if disc brake equipped)
• All K100 models
• All K1100 models
• K1200RS through 01/05
• R100RS & RT (if disc brake equipped)
• R1100RS

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Brand / Manufacturer EBC Product Code: 611180

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