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Product Name

BMW R50-69US Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual

PRICE: Brand / Manufacturer Barrington Motor Works Product Code: 1M

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Product Details


The BMW R50-69US Motorcycle Restoration and Service Manual provides in depth coverage for these models: the 1955-69 BMW R50, R50/2, R50S, R50US, R60, R60/2, R60US, R69, R69S and R69US. Authors Christopher and Barbara Rowe Betjemann of Barrington Motor Works have succeeded in writing the ultimate repair and restoration manual about these beloved vintage BMWs. There is no more complete and authoritative book of its kind in print.

The 506 page book is printed in black and white, 8.5" x 11" format, and bound with a Perfect soft binding and scuff-proof covers with French flaps. It contains hundreds of useful photos and diagrams, as well as beautiful original drawings by Barbara Betjemann. Bound within the book are five "hot sheets" which summarize and sequence engine, clutch, transmission and final drive assembly as well as the shimming calculations of the transmission input, intermediate and output shafts. These hot sheets are also laminated and provided separately for use in the workshop.

Beyond that, it might be best to leave the description to a couple of experts who have reviewed it:

"The Betjemanns have crafted a remarkable book that captures their decades-long involvement with and respect for BMW/2 motorcycles. Comprehensive and rich in detail, this manual uses clear language and close-up photography to guide the reader through every aspect of the /2 restoration process. The artwork at the beginning of each chapter elegantly evokes a bygone era and will appeal to anyone who appreciates timeless design. This volume is a required addition to the library of all those who own, restore, or maintain a BMW/2; or are considering doing so."

— Rodger Marticke (Proud owner of four Barrington Motor Works /2 restorations)

"The Barrington manual is a treasure of information for both novice and professional restorers, covering each step in a quality restoration. Extensive in-depth technical, resource and restoration tips covered in a logical, yet easy to read format. This is truly the finest, most comprehensive work that is destined to become the standard for all future restorations.
This manual is a bargain and possibly the best spent money for any BMW /2 owner, rider or restorer."

— Joel Rapose (Oxnard College Professor of Technology emeritus, and Owner, Rider and Restorer /2 conversions and restorations)

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