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Product Name

BMW Engine Oil 20W50 One Quart

Product Details


One Quart of BMW 20W50 Petroleum Engine Lubricant

BMW Four-Stroke Motorcycle engine oil is recommended for BMW motorcycles. This oil, now made by Castrol according to BMW's specific formula, is the optimum lubricant for your bike.

• Exceeds all requirements for API Classification SG.
• Meets all of the demanding requirements of precision BMW motorcycle engines.
• Will stay in grade under severe loads at all operating conditions.
• Provides outstanding wear, rust, corrosion, and oxidation protection.
• Prolongs engine life.

BMW Lubricants are available in various grades. Consult your owners book for the correct grade for your bike.
This oil is also sold by the case (12 quarts) at a Special Price. SAVE!

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BMW Engine Oil 20w50 CASE = 12 Qts - SAVE!
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BMW Engine Oil 20W50 Gallon
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STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer, 4 oz
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NEBO LED Flashlight
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Karcoma Straight Petcock, 1970-'78 airheads
Inline Disposable Fuel Filter
Inline Disposable Fuel Filter - 90 degree
BMW Repair Manual - R60/6, R75/6, R90/6, R90S, Repro
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BMW Emblem for Helmets - 45mm
BMW Chain Cleaner - 15 oz Spray
BMW Accutire Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, Reg $25.59


Brand / Manufacturer BMW Product Code: 07510039638

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